2018 Ford F-350, Apollo, Built to Perfection!

Not your average super duty by any means whatsoever....This monster of a machine boasts a completely custom one off BK Fab suspension with both air and coilers! The wrap is also very unique as when the light contacts the wrap it actually illuminates (we know how crazy)! The list of what is done to this beast is longer then your lifelong xmas list. No seriously, from motor to interior no spot on this truck has been unmolested! Complete frame off build stripped, powdered and done the way we all dream about. Check it out if you ever get the chance but do not get to close because those beautiful Road Armor bumpers and meant for mowing things down!

  • BK Fab Suspension

  • Road Armor Bumpers

  • Roadwire Interior

  • American force wheels

  • TRIAce tires

  • Prismatic Powders

  • And more!